Pioneer Valley
Planning Commission

Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, MA
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Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Staff

As an advisory body to member communities and to private business groups, PVPC performs research and analysis services in a wide range of planning areas: transportation and public transit, economic development, environment and land use, community development and historic preservation, data analysis, mapping, and graphic design. These services are performed by a staff of professional planners educated and trained in an array of specialized areas. PVPC's core services are supported by administrative, business, and communications staff.

PVPC Staff by Section

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Executive Director
Name Title E-mail
Brennan, Timothy W. Executive Director

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Administrative Staff
Name Title E-mail
Duran, Jamie Computer Specialist/Network Administrator
Edinger, Lisa J. Accountant
Gallagher, Indrani Office Manager/Executive Assistant (Section/Department Manager)
Huyghe, Debra Accounting Assistant
Jordan, Sylvia Financial Assistant/Coordinator
Mazik, Mary Administrative Assistant I
Sarno, Carol Administrative Assistant I Specialist
Shell, Lynn Administrative Assistant I
Sullivan, Louise Administrative Assistant I

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Communications Staff
Name Title E-mail
Shea, Ashley Communications Manager

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Community Development Staff
Name Title E-mail
Brady, Marie T. Senior Financial Coordinator
Cassesse, Janet Financial Coordinator
Dunphy, Christopher J. Principal Planner/Manager
Johnson, (AICP) Erica Community Development Planner
Loew, (AICP) Andrew Senior Planner/Brownfield Specialist
Mazik, (AICP), James M. Deputy Director for Operations/Community Development Section Manager (Section/Department Manager)
Moody, Erica Planning Assistant
Moran, Monica Senior Planner/Social Services Specialist
Nixon, Nikki Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planner
Rairigh, (AICP), Elizabeth Historic Preservation Planner
Sorrell, Beth Community Development Assistant
Stephens, Shirley Housing Coordinator

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Economic Development Staff
Name Title E-mail
Tanner, Lori Senior Economic Development/Policy Analyst (Section/Department Manager)

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Environment/Land Use Staff
Name Title E-mail
Bartak,(AICP), Jaimye Senior Planner
Bernhard-Armington,(AICP), Jayne Senior Planner
Curtis, Christopher L. Chief Planner/Section Manager (Section/Department Manager)
Elvin, (AICP), David Senior Planner
Gambarini, Patty Senior Environmental Planner
Neiderbach, Josiah Planner 1-Land Use and Environment
Ratté, Catherine Principal Planner/Section Manager (Section/Department Manager)
Smith, Lawrence B. Senior Planner

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission GIS/Graphics Staff
Name Title E-mail
Centeno, Raphael Graphic Designer/Website
Dolinger, Jacob Planner/ GIS Specialist
Zukowski, Todd GIS/Cartographic Section Manager

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Regional Information and Policy Center Staff
Name Title E-mail
Goren-Watts, Molly Principal Planner/Manager (Section/Department Manager)

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Transportation Staff
Name Title E-mail
Al-Jammal, Rana Senior Planner Specialist
Forrest, Alex Transit Planner
Johnson, David Transit Planner
Kouzehkanani, Amir A. Principal Transportation Planner/Manager
Mayboroda, Dmitriy Transportation Planner II
McCaul, Andrew Transportation Planner
McCollough, Jeff Senior Transportation Planner
Parmar, Khyati K. Senior Transportation Planner
Rickman, Joshua Transportation Planner I
Roscoe, Dana Principal Planner/ Transportation Manager (Section/Department Manager)
Roux, Gary Principal Planner/Traffic Manager (Section/Department Manager)

Municipal Services
Name Title E-mail
Garcia, Joshua Program Coordinator



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