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Environment and Land Use

PVPC's Environment and Land Use section works to protect the environment of the Pioneer Valley region, promote economically and environmentally healthy communities, and encourage sustainable land use. Working with municipalities, state and federal agencies, community organizations, non-profit groups, and private sector partners, the Environment and Land Use section promotes local action, regional cooperation, and state initiatives leading to wise use of our resources.

Environment and Land Use staff provide technical expertise and clear guidance that blends community goals with a regional vision to maintain community character, protect the environment, promote smart growth, address the needs of the underrepresented, and improve quality of life throughout the Pioneer Valley region.

Environment and Land Use Staff



Introducing Home MPG – An Initiative Within Mass Save Home Energy Services Program. Click here to view/download (pdf)

Land-based Wind Energy: A Guide to Understanding the Issues and Making Informed Decisions. Click here to view/download (pdf)

Downtown Zoning Repair - Tools to promote economic development in your town center. Click here to view/download (pdf)






View and download publications related to environment and land use work in PDF format.

Additional Information on Environment and Land Use

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