Pioneer Valley
Planning Commission

Pioneer Valley Transportation Authority Bus
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Landscape Inventory
3. Natural Resources
4. Outdoor Recreational Resources
5.Cultural Resources
6. Land Use and Community
7. Marketing, Tourism, Travel Services
8. Transportation Resources
9. Action Plan and Funding Resources

Base Map West and East
Scenic Assessment-East
Scenic Assessment-West
Natural Resources-East
Natural Resources-West
Outdoor Recreation-East
Outdoor Recreation-West
Historic and Cultural Points of Interest-East and West
Landuse 2005-East
Landuse 2005-West
Ammenities and Traveler Services-East
Ammenities and Travelr Services-West

Appendix A Photos of Byway Going East and West
Appendix B List of Drinking Water Supplies
Appendix C Biodiversity Resources
Appendix D Uncommon Natural Communities
Appendix E Sample Bylaws
Appendix F History of Marketing and Economic Development
Appendix G Turning Movement Counts
Appendix H Grant Loan Guide

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