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Press Release

CONTACT: Ashley Shea, Manager of Communications, 413) 781-6045
MArch 31, 2008

Granby to Launch Dynamic Master Planning Process

The Town of Granby is launching an update to its community master plan using the innovative Dynamic Planning Process developed by the National Charrette Institute (NCI). The Granby Planning Board and a group of residents are developing the plan with consultant services provided by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

NCI Dynamic Planning is a three-part approach for leveraging positive change in public and private planning efforts. The process will commence with the charrette preparation phase, will be followed by the NCI charrette as a fulcrum at the middle phase, and will close with the plan implementation phase. PVPC Principal Planner Catherine Miller was recently trained to use NCI’s approach and will lead this accelerated process, which is expected to take five months.

Public involvement and transparency are hallmarks of the NCI Dynamic Planning approach. In Granby, the public involvement component began in March, when PVPC conducted a series of one-hour interviews with key stakeholders. In April, all residents will receive by mail a survey to complete and return so that their ideas and concerns about the future of Granby may be reflected in the town’s new master plan. The survey will also be available online at the Granby master plan website at

There will be numerous opportunities for ongoing public involvement, including a visioning workshop and numerous educational forums, leading up to the charrette in late June.

For more information, contact PVPC’s Catherine Miller at (413) 781-6045 or committee chair Emre Evren at (413) 530-1087.

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