Pioneer Valley
Planning Commission

Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, MA
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Press Release

CONTACT: Patty Gambarini, Pioneer Vaslley Planning Commission, Phone: 1 (413) 781-6045
September 20, 2007

Planning for Route 112 Scenic Byway Underway

An eleven-member advisory committee, in concert with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, is in the process of developing a comprehensive management plan for the Route 112 Scenic Byway corridor, which includes the communities of Goshen, Cummington, Worthington, and Huntington.

Plan development includes describing key natural, cultural, recreational, and historic resources, as well as making recommendations for preserving and protecting these resources of the byway.

The management plan is intended to help communities along the byway corridor win federal funding for resource protection, access to recreation, safety improvements, byway facilities, interpretive information, and marketing.

Another advisory committee, representing Franklin County towns along the Route 112 corridor, is following the same process in regular meetings with the Franklin Regional Council of Governments.

The Massachusetts Legislature gave Route 112 state designation as a scenic byway in the Acts of 2004, Chapter 291, Section 65, leading to federal funding of this corridor management plan and the public participation process involving the advisory committees.

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