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Media Release

CONTACT: Molly Goren-Watts, Principal Planner and Manager of PVPC’s Regional Information and Policy Center
                 (413) 781-6045

December 19, 2012

New PVPC Data Digest Examines Community Preservation Act Impacts

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission has released a new Data Digest report that explores the physical and fiscal impacts that have occurred in the Pioneer Valley region as a result of the Community Preservation Act (CPA). The report describes which communities in the region have passed the CPA, how much money has been devoted to CPA projects, and what has been produced with those funds. Descriptions include the impact to the region overall, as well as various highlights of information at a municipal level.

As the report describes, 19 communities in the Pioneer Valley region (Hampden and Hampshire county areas) had adopted the CPA. As of the end of December 2011, more than 4,100 acres of open space and agricultural land have been preserved, 391 housing units have been created or rehabilitated, and historic resources such as buildings and municipal archives have been protected or restored throughout those 19 communities. Additionally, new bike paths, parks, and other recreational facilities have been created.

Earlier this month, PVPC held a regional informational forum at which Rep. Steve Kulik, principal sponsor of the CPA legislation, and Stuart Saginor, Executive Director of  the Community Preservation Coalition, spoke about the topic. The report is available online at

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