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Media Release

CONTACT: Jayne Bernhard-Armington, PVPC Planner, (413) 781-6045
Benjamin Wood, Northampton Director of Public Health, (413) 587-1214

December 21, 2010

Comparative Health Services Study Completed

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission recently completed a comparative health services study for several Hampshire County municipalities who were interested in exploring the feasibility of inter-municipal shared health service arrangements. This planning work was funded under the state’s District Local Technical Assistance Program.

The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology for collecting and assessing annual budgets to better equip municipalities for decision-making about the future of public health service delivery in the region.

The completion of this study corresponded with the expected release of funding by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for regionalization incentive grants, which will provide the largest direct service funding from the state for public health in decades. PVPC invited town officials from all municipalities in Hampshire County to attend a meeting in early December, during which the results from the comparative analysis as well as the details of the Public Health District Incentive Grant Program were discussed. At this meeting, several municipalities committed to working together on a joint application for this historic grant funding opportunity.

For more information about the planning process, contact Jayne Bernhard-Armington, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission planner, at (413) 781-6045.

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