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Press Release

CONTACT:Molly Jackson-Watts, PVPC Regional Information Center and Policy Manager (413) 781-6045

July 1, 2009

Census 2010 Preparation Efforts to Ramp Up with New Regional Committee

As part of regional preparation efforts for the upcoming 2010 Census, the Pioneer Valley region 2010 Census Complete Count Committee has held its first planning meeting. 

The Committee, a team of local leaders representing a cross-section of government, community organizations, schools, and businesses in the Pioneer Valley region, is charged with leading the community in promoting a 2010 Census awareness campaign. The campaign will focus specifically on outreach to those members of the community who are less likely to complete and return their Census questionnaires.

The Committee, organized by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, will be in place for the duration of Census preparation activities. During this time, the Committee will be coordinating efforts with other area Complete Count Committees, working to ensure that there is information about the Census at many community events, distributing information through local organizations and community networks, and engaging in other kinds of public outreach to educate the community about the importance of completing and returning Census forms.

Data collected through the Census are used to distribute Congressional seats to states, make decisions about what community services to provide, help understand population trends, and distribute $300 billion in federal funds to local, state, and tribal governments each year.

Census forms will be mailed to every household in March 2010. Census day is April 1, 2010, and questionnaire responses should represent households as they exist on that day.  In May and June of 2010, Census workers will visit households that do not return questionnaires. 

Anyone interested in joining the efforts of the Pioneer Valley region 2010 Census Complete Count Committee may contact Molly Jackson-Watts, Manager of the Regional Information and Policy Center at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, at (413) 781-6045 or

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